Blind Tasting Teaser for KCPT’s Regional Wine Special

19 Jun

Kansas City Public Television’s (KCPT) regional wine special is already recorded and being kept under lock and key until the The Local Show airs this Thursday, 21st June.   After the recording of a blind tasting involving a show down between Midwest and French and Californian wines, I was lucky enough to keep my eyes on all the bottles and bring them home to mama.   It seemed like an interesting experiment to repeat the blind tasting on my wife, mother-in-law and father-in-law. They were good sports and agreed to take part.  Their judgments of each of the five wines in each of the categories, dry reds and dry to semi-dry whites (without revealing the names of the bottles, only their designated letters) appear below.  They used the same 1 to 5 point system as the KCPT tasters: 1 being ‘don’t much like it’, 2 ‘not bad’ 3 ‘good’ 4 ‘very good’ 5 ‘excellent’

With some nice cheese on hand, Dede nobley submits herself to the blind tasting

The Judgment of Dede:

The Whites:

Wine A – Citrus, dry, golden 4  Wine B – A little tinny 3  Wine C – Smooth and easy 3.5  Wine D – Light and nice 4  Wine E – Not sure 2.5

The Reds:

A – possibly Norton? quite nice 3.5  B – not bad 2.5  C Nice, full flavored 4  D – good (running out of steam) 4  E – (tired of tasting now) 3.5

Roger is ready for some more

The Laconic Judgement of Roger: (no descriptions given)

The Whites (missed A to C)

D – 4  E – 3

The Reds

A – 4  B – 3  C – 4  D – 4  E – 4.5

In fading light, Vicky bravely continues to blind taste

The Judgement of Vicky: 

The Whites

A – Bitter 1  B – Excellent! 5  C – Good and buttery 3  D – Light and fresh 5  E – A nice bite 4

The Reds

A – I like it 3  B – Good and bit of a bite 4  C – a little too dry 3   D –  Full bodied yet subtle 4  E –  I like it.  Full bodied and a bite 5

Thanks very much guys!


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